Brain Briefs

An Amazon Top 100 Best Seller

An Austin American-Statesman Best Seller 

We are excited to introduce you to Brain Briefs: Answers to the most (and least) pressing questions about your mind.  This book is a joint effort between Art Markman and Bob Duke co-hosts of the radio show and podcast Two Guys on Your Head produced by KUT radio, the NPR affiliate in Austin, Texas.  

Two Guys on Your Head is a weekly segment that focuses on a variety of topics in psychology and treats them with plain language and a light heart.  Art and Bob take their years of experience as researchers and use it to explore topics ranging from the serious (bias, grief, stress) to the inspiring (satisfaction, happiness, goal achievement) to the goofy (kitten videos).  The show has quickly become one of the top social science podcasts on platforms like iTunes and Stitcher.

Brain Briefs is written in the same conversational style as the podcast.  It provides science-based insights into questions you have probably had about your own behavior including
  • Can we really make ourselves happy?
  • Is our memory doomed to fail?
  • Is it true that we only use 10 percent of our brains?
  • Should we play brain games?
  • Why do tongue twisters work?
  • What is the best way to brainstorm?
  • Is nostalgia good or bad?
Each chapter also includes your very own design for a cross-stitched pillow with a phrase to summarize the key point as well as references for further reading.

Praise for Brain Briefs

I would declare Brain Briefs to be a resounding success. It not only provides excellent cocktail party conversation, it also inspires its readers to consider how they approach conflict, how they think about concepts like memory and productivity, how they stimulate creativity, and how they perceive other people. These are all necessary questions to us as human beings and Brain Briefs is an excellent primer.

From Psych Central

The brain is an incredibly powerful organ. In fact it is so powerful that knowing how to make it work better for you can enhance your overall quality of life. It is also enlightening to know how it can trick itself. Brain Briefs provides practical, and valuable insight that you can use immediately upon reading. Pick this book up, have fun reading a few very short chapters every night, and watch what happens the next day. 

~ Danny Gutknecht CEO of Pathways and Author of the book, Meaning At Work - And Its Hidden language

Here are a few links to places where you can get your very own copy of Brain Briefs.